KOYO Coffee Machine, Coffee Maker, Poseidon Coffee Bean is ideal for:

Restaurant | Cafe | Hotel (Breakfast / Buffets / Seminar / Events) | Internet Cafe | Convenient Store | Bread Store | Association / Society | SME Company | Group of Companies | Customer Service Center | Convention Center | Meeting Room | Seminars / Events | others |

Coffee Machine Rental for Office & Shop.
Suitable for Cafe, restaurants, hotels, and corporate to use.
Italy 19BAR Automatic Coffee Machine
Intelligence One Touch Technology Coffee Machine. Auto Cleaning and Easy Operation
Free Trial Full Supports and Lifetime Warranty*
Free Installation, Free Filter, Free Maintenance, Free 1-to-1 exchange*
Poseidon Coffee - Quality Beans Supply
We provide world class coffee beans to you - Arabica and Robusta whole beans.

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Poseidon Coffee and Koyo Coffee Bean is Halal certified

Our coffee bean is fully guaranteed to meet the international standard. They are fully imported, organic farmed mostly and the whole beans are halal certified as well in their country of origin.

Poseidon Coffee Malaysia Distributor - Koyo Coffee Machine
Poseidon Coffee - Halal Certificates 02
Poseidon Coffee - Halal Certificates 04
Poseidon Coffee - Halal Certificates 04
Poseidon Coffee - Halal Certificates 01
Koyo Fully Automatic Coffee MachineOne Touch Button TechnologyItaly 19BAR Coffee Machine