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Koyo Coffee MachineKOYO Automatic Coffee Machine

We give you the best choice for making coffees from the Beans to Cup with supply of arabica coffee beans from Brazil, Honduras, India, UCC Japan and more.

The coffee machine is widely use and suitable for any cafes, restaurant, hotels, corporates and business that requires to sell or serve their customer with the value added coffees.

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Our Products Features

Our main product is the prestigious Koyo coffee machine. Koyo coffee machines are imported from Japan, ISO-9001 certified, and widely used by cafes, restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets, and so on. The machines are guaranteed to make quality Latte, Cappuccino, Americano and Espresso. To complement the performance of our machines, we also supply coffee beans imported from Italy and Brazil to maximise our customers’ coffee experience.

Coffee Machine Selling
Koyo is specialised in coffee machine supply and selling.
Coffee Bean Supply
We provide many authentic coffee bean like Arabica and Robusta.
Total Supports
We provide support and maintenance to our coffee machine nation wide
Ezy Plan
You can startup with your coffee business hazard free from RM1 Only
Multiple Choice
Don’t worry about the upfront cost and deposit. We provide flexible plans here.
Free Coffee Machine
You are not renting but own a coffee machine at the end.