Coffee Machine Rental KOYO-C19BART

Coffee Machine Rental KOYO-C19BART

Koyo coffee machines are imported from Japan, ISO-9001 certified, and widely used by cafes, restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets, customer service center, and suitable for corporate internal use as well.
Koyo Coffee Machine C19BAR
The machines are guaranteed to make quality Latte, Cappuccino, Americano and Espresso. To complement the performance of our machines, we also supply coffee beans imported from Italy and Brazil to maximise our customers’ coffee experience. ​


Coffee Machine Features / Highlights:

  • One-Touch Technology – perfect convenient operation

  • New intelligent automatic machine for cleaning, rinsing & descaling

  • Counter-top coffee maker with integrated coffee grinder

  • Perfect made from fresh ground coffee beans

  • User friendly – customize the desired cup size & taste


Model KOYO – C19BART Specification:

Colour  : Black
Bean Storage Capacity  : 600g
Water Capacity : 1.7 Liter
Pump Pressure : 19 Bar (Italy)
Machine Dimensions  : 410 x 270 x 360mm
Machine Weight  : 10.5kg
Rated Power         : 1350W


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Koyo Coffee Machine C19Bar -01
Koyo Coffee Machine C19Bar -02

Automatic coffee machine by Koyo Malaysia

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