Milo Maker – KOYO CA4CH

Milo Maker Rental KOYO-CA4CH

Koyo Milo Maker are imported from Japan, ISO-9001 certified, suitable to use in many offices, cafes, restaurants, hotels, fast food outlets, customer service center, and suitable for corporate internal use as well.

Koyo Milo Maker

Koyo Milo Maker come with four dispenser host channel. User or customer can put in their favourite drinks in powder form, such as Milo, Chocolate, Cereals, and Milk Creamer. The machine is easy to operate and maintain, come with lifetime warranty option for rental pan. Now you can make a drinks in office just in seconds.

Koyo Milo and Coffee Maker

Model KOYO – CA4CH Specification:

Colour  : Black
Bean Storage Capacity  : 1500g X 4
Water Capacity : Auto
Machine Dimensions  : 320 x 700 x 320mm
Machine Weight  : 24 kg
Rated Power         : 1600W